To access the open source D-Flow Flexible Mesh software take the following steps :

  1. Create a Deltares account

    • Go to
    • Click on "Sign In" in the upper-right.
    • Click on "Create Account."
    • Fill in the form. Select the "Delft3D Flexible Mesh" community

    You should receive an email with a link to verify your email address, and another email with your account info, including a password. With this information you can access the code.

  2. How to access the code

    You should now be able to download the source code. Note that this step is best performed with a subversion client.

  3. Using the program

    We cannot cover all of the steps for using the program here. But these links contain all information needed:

    Note that at the moment the D-Flow FM architecture is still subject to change and Deltares has to focus limited resources for its software development. Therefore be aware that there is limited support available for D-Flow FM at this time. Deltares is working on an official worldwide open source release coming or following years. Deltares does offer support on (a) beta functionality and (b) source code to a selected group of Partners in Development.