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San Francisco Bay-Delta Community Model

Open access, publicly available, integrated modeling platforms

The San Francisco Bay-Delta system is complex in its physical and environmental dynamics. Modeling tools integrating hydrodynamics and water quality dynamics are essential to unravel the governing processes on spatial and temporal scales and assess potential developments due to climate change and adapting management strategies.

There are a number of available San Francisco Bay-Delta modeling systems developed throughout the years and for various purposes. However, a vast majority of these models are not accessible for public uses and free downloads without substantial technical support by the developers and associated costs. 


The San Francisco Bay-Delta COmmunity model platform facilitates and enhances interdisciplinary and interagency scientific communication, collaboration, and understanding.

This website provides a platform for the availability and continuous development of a process-based, hydrodynamic surface water flow model applying the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite describing the San Francisco Bay-Delta system. The domain covers an area from Point Reyes up to the tidal limits near Sacramento and Vernalis.


A high-resolution mesh allows detailed computations



Still water levels,

salinity and temperature

Sediment Transport

Sand and mud transport, suspended sediment concentration, turbidity, morphodynamics

Water Quality

Turbidity, phytoplankton, nutrients, and contaminants


Habitat indicators


San Francisco Bay-Delta Community Model Team

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