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Development Framework

This website presents a web-based infrastructure around the San Francisco Bay Delta (SFBD) community models to stimulate and enhance knowledge and understanding of the Bay-Delta system. The SF Bay-Delta community model is completely open access and uses the open-source modeling software Delft3D Flexible Mesh (Delft3D FM). The web-based infrastructure will support active development by third parties.

Third parties are allowed to download and adapt the SFBD model for their own use. Preferably, new versions of the model are uploaded again to this website for use by other parties. Third parties may develop a version of the model for their own purposes. Once such a version is made available to another party, it should be made publicly available (for instance at this website). We aim to further develop a base mesh of the SFBD model in the trunk. Branches (for example, subdomains, more detailed mesh, water quality applications) may develop depending on project opportunities.


Do you have an addition you want to contribute? Contact us via our Contact Page! Additions to the community website will be reviewed prior to uploading.

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